With Cora, you can visually search 100s of furniture sites at once. Cora uses proprietary & patentable computer vision (deep learning) algorithms to present the smartest choices from images of interior design scenes you already like. Cora helps consumers and interior design customers save time and feel definitive in their purchase decisions.



  • you should be empowered to feel confident and definitive that you made the smartest choice, instead of wasting time searching and questioning. 

  • you should have control over overwhelming choice.

  • that images of products and scenes you love should be enough to explain your unique style.






Cora is free for consumers and interior designers.

Consumer Retail Brands

Cora helps small and mid-sized furniture brands connect with purchase-ready consumers and residential interior designers by organically introducing products based on each person's unique design aesthetic. Cora takes a percentage of revenue for driving traffic and brand awareness. 

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Sara Taylor-Demos
Co-founder / CEO

Sara’s passion for technology and building digital products has led her to found Cora. Sara has 10 years experience in strategy and building digital projects (products, mobile apps, websites, analytics). Early in her career, she taught herself how to code (HTML/CSS/PHP) and decided to forge a path in digital. Most recently, Sara was a Sr. Digital Strategist at innovation consulting firm Solstice, advising Fortune 500 companies on their digital strategy and roadmaps. 

Sara previously worked with Chris at FCB Global in Chicago. 


Chris Vuletich
Co-founder / CTO

Chris is a detailed and experienced full-stack developer who loves collaborating with great teams. Chris has 12 years experience leading teams in developing products, websites, apps and experiences. His specialties include: programming, database administration and server management. Chris is a serial entrepreneur with a successful exit. His attention to detail and branding knowledge has been forged by seven years working in advertising for world-class brands.

Chris previously worked with Sara at FCB Global in Chicago.




Augmented Intelligence (AI)

Computer Vision / Deep Learning

Full Stack & Agile Development

Women in Tech & Entrepreneurship

Emerging Tech in Furniture Industry

Furniture & Architecture Design Trends

 Sara's family members' tornado damaged home

Sara's family members' tornado damaged home

Founder Story

When Cora co-founder, Sara, was decorating her apartment, it was frustrating process that included 30+ website and 10+ brick & mortar store visits, 5 returns and 60+ hours of searching and comparing. As Sara’s project was coming to a close, her family members’ house was hit by a tornado. Along with their house, almost all of their belongings were destroyed. Over the next year, Sara watched her family use all their spare time to decide and purchase replacements. 

The sticking point for Sara's family was furniture, which must be paired together and compared across sites and stores. Although an extreme example, it is a painful process to find the smartest options available, for your unique aesthetic, from the overwhelming 2,300 online furniture sites in the U.S. Most critically, this led to massive time lost. 

Sara’s passion for building digital experiences, love of design, 100s of consumer & business interviews and 5 High Point Market attendances were the basis of finding a solution to this overwhelming problem. She teamed up with co-founder / CTO, Chris Vuletich, who like Sara, loves creating digital solutions that people love. 



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