Get to know brothers Travis & Ryan Nagle, the founders of the eco-friendly furniture brand Medley that is setting a new bar for clean comfort.

What made your start your business?

We really approached it from a consumer perspective in terms of what we felt was missing. It seemed the furniture industry was a little behind with innovation and the modern shopping experience, so we wanted to bring eco-friendly materials and personalization to the market. We had no experience with furniture prior, but sometimes that fresh perspective can be helpful! There was a lot to learn though, and we're always looking for opportunities to keep improving.

What music do you listen to that really gets your creative juices flowing?

I listen to music almost all day while I work, so I'm definitely thankful for Spotify! I tend to like listening to full albums, gets more immersed in the vibe. Depending on my mood or energy level, I'll listen to music that has either a punchy upbeat feel, or more mellow ethereal songs. Much like my former 13 year old self though, it's a lot of indie rock.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

We're pretty small now, but see Medley as being a prominent national brand and a thought leader internationally in terms of our approach to sustainability and non-toxic materials. We're uncompromising with our values around eco-friendly as well as craftsmanship, and hope to help bring the consumer mindset away from disposable goods.

What is the biggest "they sure didn't prepare me for this in school" lesson have you learned since starting your business?

How there really never is an easy stretch! In your head it seems like if we only get this this certain stage, things will get easier. But even as we grow, new challenges always present themselves. That's part of what makes it compelling though is that running a  business is an always evolving puzzle to solve.

What have the biggest benefits of working with Cora been so far?

Getting connected with all the amazing designers out there! We really do like collaborating on projects, and I think our furniture is uniquely suited for bringing something exciting and unique to any space.

What has the best piece of advice you've received about starting a business been?

I would say a big one is the idea of being okay to say no. To start and grow a business you have to be very optimistic and open, but it also takes a lot of discipline and focus. With limited time and resources (we've never taken any funding), it's really crucial to be okay with saying no to opportunities that may seem beneficial at the time. It has to help move the needle in a specific way. Joining the Cora community, funny enough, was one of the easier decisions to make :).