Get to know Maria LaCava, founder of LaCava Textiles, who has built a brand paying homage to her mother's fashion career.

What made you want to start your business?

I’ve grown up and been surrounded by fabrics my whole life! My mother is a former fashion designer and expert seamstress. She collected, and still collects all kinds of fabrics for home and fashion. In addition, I’ve always enjoyed drawing patterns, and I still work by hand drawing and painting all of my designs.

What would your perfect day look like?

A strong cup of coffee to start the day followed by a few hours of drawing and sketching out some designs whilst listening to a podcast. A nice home cooked lunch then a trip to a museum or gallery to fill the well and get inspired.

What is the one thing (design related or other!) that you can't leave the house without?

My Muji notebook and gel ink ballpoint pen.

What is that one thing in your home that you will never get rid of?

My 6 Rohe Noordwolde chairs designed by Axel Enthoven. They spark a lot of joy!

What excites you most about working with Cora?

There are so many new designers out there and it has become more difficult to reach an audience on social media so I think Cora helps streamline that process and creates a much needed dynamic in the design community. 

What have the biggest benefits of working with Cora been so far?

I’ve enjoyed meeting and working with designers from other parts of the country. It’s very exciting to discover new interior designers and see all kinds of different projects!