Get to know Jillian O'Neill, founder of the eponymous brand, Jillian O'Neill Collection, that effortless brings together timeless forms and modern functionality

Tell us one random fact about yourself (design related or other!)

I was a competitive golfer, a sixth grade math teacher and a runway model all before going to design school. All have added people and experiences in my life for which I’m so grateful!

What music do you listen to that really gets your creative juices flowing?

I love the band A R I Z O N A…such a great vibe, although to be honest I’m way too old to be listening to them. Did someone say midlife crisis?

Are you more of a methodical planner, or more of an intuition based decision maker?

90% intuition. Some of the biggest decisions in my career path, that became game changers, where just a moment of inspiration to reach out to someone, or to pursue a particular idea.

What has been the proudest moment of growing/running your business?

My inclination toward experimentation. I’ve been spending the last two years entirely out of my comfort zone; and there is nothing that has energized me more…through the successes as well as through the failures. 

What has the best piece of advice you've received about starting a business been?

The overall importance of just asking for guidance in the first place. This is a community filled with such giving people and I can’t get over the support I have received. It’s constant and they are all a huge reason why I have made it this far.

What excites you about working with Cora?

I love the fact that Cora allows me to branch out and work with talented people who are thinking “outside the box” for our industry. Our industry is changing, yet growing in opportunity exponentially and Cora is certainly a part of that change.