Cora sits down with Ashley Leftwich & Sarah English, founders of the, maximalist (frequently irreverent) wallcovering brand, Ever Atelier, that is shaking the dust off the design industry.

What were you doing right before you started your business?

We were serendipitously brought together by geography, family, and love of art! Our mix of talents and shared devotion for color, pattern, design and original art culminated in our drive to create our own wallcovering studio.

Who or what is the biggest source of inspiration for your work?

We are beliEVERs that if you open yourself to inspiration you will find it EVERywhere. The short answer would include: nature, experience, poetry, other artists, music, travel.

How did you choose the name of your brand?

We often talk about beginnings and endings and all that comes in between. After brainstorming many iterations of names, we selected Ever. We took the first 2 letters of Sarah’s oldest child, and last 2 letters of Ash’s youngest child. By merging our children’s names, we formed a strong synergistic alias that reflected our alpha/omega idea. 

If you had to describe your brand in 3 words, what would they be?

 3 Ever E’s --- Edgy, Evoking, Elevated

What is the biggest "they sure didn't prepare me for this in school" lesson have you learned since starting your business?

We both spent 15-20 years working in various ways in design fields before starting our own business together. While we consider ourselves artists first, the lessons we learned “on the job” prepared us in ways far beyond schooling. Determining creative solutions, professionalism and communication is essential.

What music do you listen to that really gets the creative juices flowing?

Music is Ever present in our story and collection. You’ll see a nod to musicians we admire in many of our designs. Depeche Mode, Joy Division, The Cure, Arcade Fire, Thom Yorke....the list goes on and on and never ends. 

Are you more of a methodical planner, or more of an intuition based decision maker?

We are both! There is a strength in our brand of having dual perspectives. Sarah is the methodical, and Ash is the intuition. We see ourselves like a band - the fusion of differing view points syncing up to make optical music.

What excites you most about working with Cora?

We’re enthusiastic about this new platform that Cora offers as a non-traditional designer shopping experience. After working in the interior design industry for the last 20 years there have not been many changes to the model!