Cora sits down with Katy Polsby, Founder of CW Stockwell, the heritage brand she revived that is behind the iconic "Martinique" wallcovering made famous by the Beverly Hills Hotel.

What made you want to start your business?

"I grew up around the corner from CW Stockwell's third-generation owner who became a close family friend. When he passed in 2013, my mother continued to keep the iconic Martinique pattern in production, but it wasn’t until a few years later when the realization hit me that I could not let another day pass without formulating a plan to reinvigorate and relaunch this heritage brand."

What were you doing right before starting your business?

Before deciding to revive the CW Stockwell brand, I worked for major decor and lifestyle brands. While it sometimes can feel like dumb luck, it brings me great pride to realize that all of my experiences have come together to serve as an amazing foundation for me to take on the challenge of bringing this historic brand into its next chapter. 

Who or what is the biggest source of inspiration for your work?

The collection is inspired by the rich, varied archives we rescued from the company’s warehouse on the last day before the lease expired. I made sure to emphasize a total reinvigoration of Martinique ®, but also sought to identify the bold, powerful patterns that could one day give Martinique a run for its money.

What design element or aesthetic do you wish would make a comeback?

Despite the fact that designers & their clients are once again embracing maximalist design, we are waiting for many of the styles of the 50’s and 60’s to start cropping up more, such as an entirely wallpapered kitchen with coordinating cafe curtains.

Is there an upcoming feature or aspect of your product of your product offering you can share with us?

We absolutely never tire of telling our story and being able to give designers a direct connection to us. This spirit is one of the reasons why we’re excited to partner with Cora. We think making the interior design world’s connection to makers and brands more streamlined will hopefully make the job of the interior designer a bit easier.

What music do you listen to that really gets your creative juices flowing? 

I'm into 70s Nigerian Disco for getting the juices flowing. In general - and our team sometimes chides me for this - music is the first priority at CWS HQ. 

What is that one thing in your home that you will never get rid of? 

Art. Art. Art. And I’m talking about everything from a polaroid found at a flea market ten years ago all the way to the tiny oil painting I splurged on by a favorite local artist.