Get to know Clare Frost, founder of her eponymous fabric brand Clare Louise Frost, who is taking inspiration from her time residing in Turkey to deliver worldly prints to the adventurous designer.

What design element or aesthetic do you wish would make a comeback? 

Colorful bathrooms! Pink or blue or yellow tubs and sinks with tiled walls to match, plus patterned and painted tiles. The bathroom is where I (at least - no kids) get to be truly alone - it's a comforting and intimate space and why not make it special and wild and crazy and creative?

On the flip side, what element or aesthetic do you think should never see the light of day again?

Rooms + homes where everything is new and clean and perfect. Even more boring and inhumane than greige. I love a thoughtful old beloved piece of something - lamps, table, books, rug, whatever. I don't understand what people with new and shiny interiors do with their old things ?

What is the one thing (design related or other!) that you can't leave the house without? 

Reading material! I have to turn back and get either a book, magazine, play, or - usually - two different things to read - in case my mood changes. I feel gutted and less than human without something to read. Also my notebook and a pen - I'm always writing to-do lists - they almost never get all crossed off, but making them is soothing somehow.

What is that one thing in your home that you will never get rid of? 

Peg board in the kitchen. I dream of Julia Child's kitchen with all her peg boards. I only have one, but once you have one, you can never live without.

What's your secret talent?  Related or unrelated to your job! 

I love to have people over for dinner. I don't know if it's a secret or especially a talent, but there are few things that make me happier than having people over for dinner and serving them as many courses as possible. I also love wine, so serving good wine-maker wine to loved ones is my little side mission. No more poisonous formula factory wine! 

What has the best piece of advice you've received about starting a business been?

I had no idea that I was starting a business, or even that this was a business that existed until I met and started working for Elizabeth Hewitt of Tulu Textiles. I was coming out with my second collection of kimonos + other riffs on traditional clothing, using my custom-printed fabrics, and she mentioned that if I ever wanted to eat or pay rent (clothing being so hard to sell) I could consider taking the blocks I already had and printing on fabrics geared to interior designers. I had never been interested in interiors - I always loved vintage and traditional clothing, sewing, fabrics, etc - but I was swayed by her in the end and starting printing and weaving and embroidering and making my line. It was great advice, I'm not sure what I would have done if I hadn't gotten it!