about cora

Grey Modern Couch

At Cora, we give home shoppers the unprecedented opportunity to find exactly what they love via our proprietary AI-powered search technology, bringing them directly to merchants who meet their actual needs and aesthetic based on an image the consumer uploads or chooses from our site. 


value we provide merchants

For merchants, this allows you to get in front of consumers who are specifically seeking out your brand’s aesthetic, giving you more share of voice with your target audience and ultimately delivering more relevant leads.

Our search results are democratized and unweighted, meaning the curated products the consumer sees are solely based off of their chosen photo. 

Our results are linked directly to your product page, meaning what the customer sees translates directly to “add to cart”.


how to partner

We are currently accepting new merchants to partner with Cora! Right now, we are working with merchants via affiliate networks (i.e. Rakuten, Share-A-Sale, Pepperjam, CJ), but are happy to discuss direct sale options with merchants who are not a part of an affiliate network.

Living Room

For more information, please contact:

Sara Taylor-Demos, CEO