Frequently Asked Questions

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Where does the name Cora come from?

Cora comes of the center the word "decorate", as it is our goal to be the core meeting point between all members of the interior design industry.

How is Cora different from other online design industry platforms?

Cora strives to provide an experience that is relevant to the way designers & vendors want to work today. Because of this, our industry-specific tools and marketplace have been strategically designed to give users robust resources and direct relationships to drive their businesses forward, but without anything superfluous that could ultimately interfere with growth.

Does Cora keep my information private?

Cora greatly respects your privacy, and never shares your information with any third party without your explicit permission. To learn more about our privacy policies, click here. To learn more about information provided to vendors when designers apply to trade programs, click here.

Does Cora work with international businesses?

Currently, we work with designers and vendors with business entities in the United States only. In the future, we have plans to expand internationally. To learn more about who and which businesses can join, please read our Eligibility Policy.


Is Cora free to use?

Yes, Cora is completely free for designers to use!

Does Cora work with both trade & retail vendors?

Yes, we do! We understand that most designers today don't source from just trade-only vendors, so we wanted to give you the most true-to-life experience possible. What this means is that you will be able to apply to trade programs, search our marketplace, and purchase from trade-only, trade-focused, and retail brands all at once on Cora.

What if I already have trade accounts with vendors who are on Cora?

No problem! You can indicate that you are already a client of the vendor, along with your current trade account arrangement.

What if I work with a showroom or rep locally who represents brands on Cora?

We hope that all facets of the design industry will want to work with Cora, however, there is a possibility that some of your showrooms and/or sales reps are not participating on Cora quite yet. We invite you to message your Cora vendors to encourage them to invite their showrooms and reps to join the platform.

I just started my own design business. Am I still eligible to apply to Cora?

Yes, absolutely! Cora encourages established designers as well as designers who are just getting started to apply to join our platform. We thoroughly vet every application, which includes verifying resale and/or EIN numbers as well verifying that the applicant is an actively working designer. If you do not have any completed projects yet, we are happy to consider in-progress projects.

My design firm has multiple employees. Can more than one member of a firm join Cora?

Yes, you are able to invite as many members of your design firm as you'd like to join Cora.

What if I already have trade accounts with vendors who are on Cora?

No problem! You can indicate that you are already a client of the vendor, along with your current trade account arrangement.

Will vendors on Cora have access to all of my contact information and will they be contacting me?

Vendors will only be able to see your contact and design firm information once you apply to their trade program on Cora, just like in a regular trade application. Vendors will be able to message you on Cora only once you have made the initial contact or if you have applied to their trade program. To learn more about specific information shared with vendors, please see our Trade Account Terms and Privacy Policy.

Why does Cora require my resale or EIN number when applying to join the platform?

Cora is a B2B, wholesale marketplace that only sells to verified businesses. Because of this, we ask for a resale number or EIN number to ensure consumers/end users are not allowed to access the platform. In addition, vendors require your business information when applying to their trade programs on Cora.

Once I am accepted to Cora, do I have to upload my tax documentation for each individual trade program I apply to?

If you are a reseller, tax form templates and vendor information is available on Cora for easy download, signature and upload. To comply with your jurisdiction's tax requirements, we make it easy to upload your document(s) when applying to trade programs.

What categories of products does Cora have?

It is our goal for you to be able to complete your projects from start to finish on Cora, so we will be offering products in categories from appliances to lamp finials, and everything in between. While not all of these categories are represented on Cora right now, we are actively working on building out this robust selection and will have more products added weekly.

Can I create projects on Cora?

While Cora is not a project management tool, you are able to create projects names and save your instant quotes and orders under these project names.

Can I save products on Cora?

Yes, you can "favorite" products and save quotes of products within Cora's marketplace.

If a vendor offers multiple trade programs, am I able to change which trade program I am a part of?

If you'd like to switch your trade program because you've changed your buying levels with a vendor (spending more or less), please contact the Cora support team to initiate this change.

Am I able to communicate with vendors right through Cora?

Definitely. With Cora Messenger, designers can initiate messages with vendors any time, with or without a trade account. Vendors must wait to message you until you have reached out first, or unless you have applied to a vendor's trade program.  

Why am I not allowed to apply to certain vendors' trade programs in my area?

If a vendor on Cora is represented by a showroom or sales rep in your area and has a contractual agreement to sell exclusively through them, this vendor may not accept applications from or sell to your area on Cora. We invite you to message the vendor that you'd like to purchase from through Cora Messenger.


Is Cora free to use?

There are no upfront or recurring fees associated with using the Cora platform. We charge a commission on sales facilitated through our platform, which are some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

Can I join Cora if I already am in showrooms or have sales reps?

Yes, absolutely! If you have contractual agreements with showrooms or sales reps in certain territories, you can choose to halt designer applications in those particular territories. You also have the ability to add your showrooms and sales reps as users under your brand to manage the designers in their territories on Cora.

Are all designers who apply to my trade program on Cora verified?

Cora thoroughly vets each and every designer who applies to join the platform so that you don't have to. We verify their resale and/or EIN numbers as well as certify that they are indeed an actively working designer. If we are unable to verify the designer based on the above information, we will always follow up to get more information before deciding whether or not to admit the designer to the platform.

Can I work with designers who are existing members of my trade program outside of Cora?

Yes! Designers on Cora have the option to indicate they are already a client of yours, along with their current trade program, for you to verify.

What types of vendors does Cora work with?

Cora works with residential and commercial vendors across all product categories who are primarily in the growing, scaling stage of their business. Our goal is to provide designers on Cora with a robust array of the freshest products in the industry so that they can easily complete their projects from start to finish in one place.

Do I get notified if I have a new trade account application? And how will I be notified?

Yes, you will be notified any time you have a new designer trade account application on Cora. You will receive an email alerting you the moment the designer applies. Best part? You can approve any application right from your phone if you're on the fly!

Am I able to communicate with designers right through Cora?

Vendors are able to communicate with designers through the Cora Messenger. To protect the privacy of designers on Cora, you will only be able to message a designer once they have already messaged you or if they are a part of your trade program.

I offer multiple trade programs. Can I create more than one trade program on Cora?

Yes, you can! Vendors are able to create up to (5) different trade programs on Cora. If you only have one trade program, that is completely fine, as well. To learn more about trade program requirements, please read our Trade Account Terms.

Do I need to have the same trade programs on Cora that I have already created outside of Cora?

Yes. And, our Trade Account Terms require that you list all available trade programs that you may offer to a designer outside of Cora. You can list opening order minimums and annual minimums, and restrict which designers can join which programs to get preferred pricing.

If a designer is a part of my trade program outside of Cora, can they become a member of my trade program on Cora?

Yes, they certainly can. A designer will be able to indicate that they are already a member of your trade program outside of Cora, and the the same terms of that trade program will apply within Cora, as well.

I am a vendor and have multiple brands under our parent company. Can I add multiple brands underneath one parent company to better manage our team?

Yes, you can add up to (5) brands under your main parent company. Your vendor account admins can view and manage all brands, whereas regular vendor users are invited to one brand at a time. If you only have a single brand, that is completely fine, as well.

What does "Claim my brand" mean? And how does Cora already have my brand information?

To make the signup process as smooth as possible, we have pre-loaded vendor names. As you begin to type in your brand name, you will likely see it auto populate and you can then "claim your brand". If you do not see your brand listed, you can type in your brand name manually for your application.

What is the difference between trade-only and trade-focused vendors?

Trade-only vendors sell their core product only to members of the trade. Trade-focused vendors are primarily focused on selling to the trade through their various sales channels and at designer net prices, but also sell 100% of their products to the public online at full retail.

Why is the commission lower for retailers and trade-focused, than trade-only vendors?

Vendors who sell to the public typically have a 20% discount off their retail prices for designers. For this reason, retailers tell us margins are already restricted, and we therefore provide commissions that align with the needs of these sellers.

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