Mid Century Modern Design: Don Draper not included (we’re sorry!)

Midcentury Modern: a buzzword you often hear, but cannot necessarily put your finger on exactly what it is.

With its roots in the Bauhaus in Germany, the “no frills” nature of Midcentury Modernism was made famous by such heavy hitters as Mies Van Der Roh and Florence Knoll, and is loosely defined as architecture, furniture and graphic design during the period from the 1940s-1970s.  Some of Midcentury Modern’s hallmark characteristics include organic forms yet clean lines, minimal ornamentation, natural elements, and muted tones with pops of color. If you’re thinking The Jetsons, Bewitched, and Mad Men, you’re on the right track.

Reason you keep spotting Midcentury Modern furniture and decor everywhere?  Because of their inherent simplicity, Midcentury Modern pieces can be mixed and matched with other elements in myriad ways. Often times with narrow frames and lighter in weight, Midcentury pieces are not only perfect for transient Millennials, but also for anyone who is a serial “room rearranger”.  Don’t shy away from the hallmark hues of the Mid Century Modern aesthetic. Colors such as orange, chartreuse, olive green, yellow and teal will bring that iconic retro vibe to your space

We have included some of our favorite Midcentury Modern room scenes here to help you get that Don Draper look at home.  Just click on an image below to see similar couches from retailers such as Apt2B, Joybird, LexMod, and Lulu & Georgia.