3 Key Considerations for Living Room Spatial Planning

Whether you just moved into a new home or looking to refresh, the living room is often the first room to be tackled. After all, the living room or family room as some call it is often where you’ll spend most of your time while also being the most public part of your home — where your personal style and personality is most on display, your opportunity for self expression.

Getting the living room right can feel overwhelming, so we are here to help.  This post is meant to help you get started with some key considerations. But check back to this space for help and inspiration for designing your dream home.

Spatial planning is an important part of making a room feel cohesive, comfortable and livable. Many of your first decisions will be related to laying out the room so you know what to look for, particularly what size pieces you need for the space.  So this is where we will start…

Your Living Room Layout: 3 Things to Consider

1. What size should my furniture be?

You may find a sofa that you absolutely love, but does it fit?  Questioning the compatibility of your furniture with not only the space, but the other pieces in your room is an essential step in designing your living room.  Whether you have a home with a large space to fill or a cozy apartment corner, proportions can make or break your design.

This article has some rules of thumb for how to space out your furniture and what sizes work together:


2. How big should my area rug be?

Area rugs are definitely a must-have in most living rooms as it helps define the space, tie everything together and add warmth to the room. You may not have a vision for the design of the rug when you start out, but you should have a good sense of the size. The wrong size can throw off the balance in the room. In the case of living room area rugs, too big is definitely the lesser of two evils.  You don’t need it to sprawl across your whole room, but too small and you might find yourself cramming your furniture into just a fraction of your space or having an unpolished feel. There are many approaches and opinions on how to best space furniture in relation to a rug. One basic rule of thumb: either all the furniture rests on the rug, or all the furniture, except for the coffee table, is placed completely off the rug.

Dive further into this question and see some other options with the link below:  


3. How big should my tv be?

Thinking about balling out for that 90 inch television?  First, make sure it makes sense in the space you have. Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to television dimensions. Too big and close and you may find yourself pressed against your sofa, yet too small and far will require squinting to see. Making sure your television is the right size for the distance from your sofa can ensure you hit the sweet spot of size and distance.  

Use this chart below to see what works for you:


We hope this helps with your decorating process. Next we’ll be sharing considerations when choosing fabric to ensure your room is durable.

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